About Us

Who We Are

Continuously we develop relationships with appropriate resources and partners, facilitating business support systems and resource deployment.


To stay abreast with the dynamics of the business environment. Continuously develop relationships with appropriate resources and partners.

Our Core Values

We enhance value creation for our partners. We bring value creation systems and operations with appropriate resources for businesses.


Our Value-Add Services


We offer our clients skilled and high-level achievers. We identify the value proposition from these individuals and match with the strategic needs of various clients.



Disability Management is an offering that assesses the facility then recommends adjustable requirements. We also offer recruitment of PWD, Counseling and Workshops


Organizational may be fallible and vulnerable and sometimes miss the boat in expending their abilities. Through coaching and mentorship, we help guide employees to realise their unexplored potential.

Offering services and products that raise your business above the expected!

Other services we offer!

Strategic Planning

We assist organisations with planning, designing and implementing a strategy that will see the organization take the direction of the vision holders forward. 

Value Proposition: A Blueprint for guiding and monitoring organizational performance to ensure long-term sustainability through leveraging of explicit economic opportunities and unleashing of intrinsic value creation opportunity.


Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

We provide a work-based program that offers confidential assessments, counseling, follow-up services to employees who have personal or work-related challenges.  EAP addresses a broad and complex body of issues affecting the mental and emotional well-being of employees, such as alcohol and abuse of other substances, stress, grief, family problems, and psychological disorders.

Value Proposition: Edgecomb will ensure members of your team are capacitated to deal with and overcome issues that distract them from performance, and their personal lives are of high quality



Training and Developement

Edgecomb undertakes to improve employee performance by increasing their ability to perform designated functions through learning, by changing the employee’s attitude and increasing their skills and knowledge.  We capacitate our clients with well-trained employees to achieve organizational objectives through our well recognized and Accredited Training Programmes.

Value Proposition: Edgecomb will enable the capacity of your Human Capital to keep up with your dynamic business environment requirements for realignment with demands of the business


Skills Development and Audit

We perform skills audit with the objective to identify underutilized skills within the organization and recommend necessary measures to ensure that the organization has the necessary skills that align with the business strategy and goals.  

Value Proposition: Bottomless knowledge of your Human Capital to ensure optimum deployment of resources


High Performance Team Behaviour

Organisation’s performance may be influenced by various factors in the business environment and the human capital is vulnerable to these prescripts. We help employees remain motivated and performing at their best to ensure organisation’s sustainability.

Value Proposition: A focused value-driven work ethic leveraging Individual Strengths and Personal Mastery in establishing co-operative synergies in the organisation.


Learnership and Graduate Program

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